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Social Media as Currency

Social Media as Currency

Marc & Heidi - The Other D’Amelios - July 20, 2021 - 34:57

Marc and Heidi Discuss: ​Their individual/couple communication styles and why it's NOT the norm Their ideas for how to shift the content of the podcast and make it stronger The common thread between great social media creators Why introverts actually make great creators Why Marc believes social media is the new currency and how that affects how people parent their kids How to productively deal with negativity online

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Marc and Heidi D’Amelio give the world a light-hearted, real life look at the frenetic world they face as the parents of Dixie and Charli. They’ll share it all; from life before fame, to how they got here and the exciting adventures yet to come. Plus, Marc and Heidi will also talk directly to ALL parents about raising kids in our social media obsessed society. There’ll be no lectures or sermons - Just engaging conversations and a healthy dose of laughter. New episodes every Tuesday.