The Barbie Movie & Masculinity: Are You Kenough?

The Barbie Movie & Masculinity: Are You Kenough?

The Barbie Movie & Masculinity: Are You Kenough?

The Man Enough Podcast - August 14, 2023 - 47:40

*WARNING: This episode contains spoilers.*Dive into the vibrant world of Barbie Land with hosts Liz and Jamey as they discuss the movie’s most divisive points. Unpacking its impact on patriarchy, feminism, and modern masculinity, they explore Barbie's evolution from sexist symbol to feminist hero. Later on Liz and Jamey share their thoughts on the role of men in the film and Liz breaks down what it truly means to be ‘Kenough.’ From the need for more diverse representation to Barbie’s successes and failures in redefining masculinity, join the discussion as they unravel the film's layers and celebrate its feminist narrative. Watch this episode on YOUTUBE: up for the Man Enough newsletter to get full video episodes and positive masculinity news every Monday: Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.Timecodes: 00:02 - Allen is who men could be without patriarchy 02:50 - Can we really call women ‘Barbie?’06:11 - The Barbie movie wasn’t that diverse 10:06 - A Barbie Movie recap (SPOILER ALERT)11:32 - What it means to be ‘Kenough’12:26 - How this movie exposed patriarchal biases 14:48 - How are men and patriarchy represented in this film?25:46 - Barbie Land is not a feminist utopia 27:04 - Barbie’s rise from sexist symbol to feminist hero35:02 - Our society is dismissive of overtly feminine appearances 39:20 - Positive outcomes and discussion from the Barbie movie 42:18 - The Barbie movie satisfies our urge for feminist narrativesQuotes:“I think the Kens represent the patriarchy, that you lose either way. And who actually represents men is Alan.” - Liz Plank“Barbieland is not a feminist utopia…it’s just the patriarchy flipped.” - Liz Plank“I think the role of Barbie wasn't to represent men. It was to show men how women feel when they watch movies...I'm happy men are angry, but that anger is not at feminism, that anger is at being treated the way that women are treated” - Liz Plank“We're starving for change. We're starving for people to champion something that changes a narrative of how women are treated in our world.” - Jamey Heath“The Barbie movie is not anti man, it's anti patriarchy.” - Liz Plank“I'm Jamey Heath. And I am ‘Kenough.’” - Jamey HeathSupport Man Enough Man Enough Newsletter: Enough book: Will Be Human book: Follow The HostsJustin Baldoni Justin: +1 (310) 845-6909Liz Plank Heath #men #masculinity #barbie #ken #kenough #barbiemovie #margotrobbie #ryangossling #adamcera #allen #feminism #patriarchy #barbieland #men #women #sexism #movie #masculinity #relationships

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