Discovering the Real Me: Acting, Identity, and Embracing Your Truth with Brian Michael Smith

Discovering the Real Me: Acting, Identity, and Embracing Your Truth with Brian Michael Smith

Discovering the Real Me: Acting, Identity, and Embracing Your Truth with Brian Michael Smith

The Man Enough Podcast - April 10, 2023 - 59:57

We dive deep into the life of trailblazing trans actor and activist Brian Michael Smith, known for his portrayal of firefighter Paul Strickland on Fox's "911 Lone Star." As a strong advocate for trans representation, visibility, and education (12:25), Brian discusses his transformative journey to self-acceptance (04:14), overcoming people-pleasing (20:20), being featured in People's Sexiest Man Alive issue (03:14), and the importance of embracing change (54:01). Don't miss this inspiring conversation with a champion for trans representation, visibility, and education.New episodes every Monday 🎙️ Special video clips each week on Sign up for the Man Enough newsletter to get full video episodes and positive masculinity news every Monday: Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.Timecodes: 0:00 For Brian, the journey to becoming the man he is today hasn’t always been easy03:14 Being People’s Sexiest Man Alive04:14 Being a man was denied to Brian for most of his life. 12:25 How do you decide who to spend time educating and who to ignore?20:20 People pleasing stood in the way of Brian’s authenticity 30:49 The difference between sex, gender, identity, and gender expression48:33 It’s important to be seen as more than a “trans” man54:01 Try not to resist change57:21 What does it mean to be man enough?Quotes:“You might not have to figure it all out. You might just need to know that some people are different…” - Brian Michael Smith “My manhood was acquired, it wasn't inherited…A lot of the investigation that the men on this show are doing is [an] investigation that I’ve had to do for a very long time.” - Brian Michael Smith“Everything is a story, one you’ve been made to believe or chose to believe. Knowing the difference is profound.” - Christopher Rivas“We are always transitioning, everything is transitional” - Christopher Rivas“For those who have the grace and compassion and mercy to help the world get to a better place, I am truly grateful.” - Jamey Heath About Brian Michael Smith: Brian Michael Smith is an American trans actor and queer activist, best known for his roles in popular television shows such as "Queen Sugar" and "9-1-1: Lone Star." Smith is also an advocate for LGBTQ rights and has appeared on several talk shows and panels to discuss issues facing the transgender community. Brian is notably on the Board of Directors for Outfest and Outfest Fusion ( Social Links: Instagram: @the_brianmichaelTwitter: @TheBrianMichaelSmithGuest Host: Christopher RivasChristopher Rivas is an actor, author, podcaster, and storyteller. He is the host of two podcast series with SiriusXM's Stitcher: Brown Enough, and Rubirosa. On screen, Rivas is known for his work on the Fox series, Call Me Kat. He has recently released his first book Brown Enough, which explores what it means to be Brown in America.Special ThanksThank you LMNT for supporting our show!Head to to get a free LMNT sample pack with any purchase.Man Enough Newsletter: Enough book: Will Be Human book: FOLLOW THE HOSTS:Liz Plank Heath Rivas: › podcast › brown-enough#boys #men #masculinity #feminism #transgender #acting #transition #confidence #selfdiscovery

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