Russell Dickerson: A New Kind of Cowboy

Russell Dickerson: A New Kind of Cowboy

Russell Dickerson: A New Kind of Cowboy

The Man Enough Podcast - October 11, 2021 - 57:12

Multi-platinum country artist Russell Dickerson opens up about how he’s working to create a new version of the cowboy mentality, why he doesn’t like talking about pain and the hard stuff, and how his life-of-the-party personality is sometimes a façade that keeps him from being vulnerable. He credits his wife, Kailey, and her wisdom for pushing him to open up more in his personal life, and he doesn’t shy away from giving her credit for his professional success. With eagerness and sincerity, Russell digs into the lessons and messages that tell us that we have to keep it all together. He wrestles with what it means to share our burdens with one another and reminds us that being “man enough” is not something that you accomplish, it’s just something that you are.New episodes every Monday 🎙️ The video version of every episode and bonus features will always be available at The Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.JOIN THE MAN ENOUGH COMMUNITY: Subscribe to the Man Enough newsletter for behind the scenes, updates, sneak peeks of new episodes, and positive masculinity content: the Man Enough book: RUSSELL DICKERSON FOLLOW THE HOSTS:Justin Baldoni Text: +1 (310) 845-6909 Liz Plank Jamey Heath PRODUCED BY: Wayfarer Studios: https://www.wayfarerstudios.comWayfarer Studios YouTube: StudiosExecutive Producers: Justin Baldoni, Jamey Heath, Tarah Malhotra-Feinberg, Marc Pritchard, Carrie Rathod, Chris CorcoranSPECIAL ADVERTISER OFFERS FOR YOUHeadspaceThis episode is brought to you by Headspace, your convenient dose of mediation, mindfulness, and sleep exercises to relieve stress and anxiety and help you get a good night's sleep, all in one app. With nearly 60M downloads, the Headspace app is the most science backed meditation app in the world. A study shows that just 2 weeks of Headspace can reduce your stress by 14%Just go to and get their entire meditation library for one month FREE! Athletic GreensThis episode is also brought to you by Athletic Greens, the health and wellness company that makes comprehensive daily nutrition simple. ONE tasty scoop of AG1 contains 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients, including a multivitamin, multimineral, probiotic, greens superfood blend and more in one convenient daily serving.To make it easy, Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase when you visit today. Hello Fresh This episode is brought to you by HelloFresh. With HelloFresh, you get fresh, pre-measured ingredients and mouthwatering seasonal recipes delivered right to your door.Go to and use code MANENOUGH14 for up to 14 free meals, including free shipping!

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