Breaking the Boxes: Race, Gender and Vulnerability with Chris Rivas

Breaking the Boxes: Race, Gender and Vulnerability with Chris Rivas

Breaking the Boxes: Race, Gender and Vulnerability with Chris Rivas

The Man Enough Podcast - February 20, 2023 - 1:03:24

Actor, author and podcast host Christopher Rivas is constantly breaking the boxes society places around his identity. Today Chris shares his journey towards self confidence, education and peace as a brown man in America. Our hosts get intimate about their relationships to privilege, adolescent insecurities and actionable steps they are taking towards being a “good” person. New episodes every Monday 🎙️ The video version of every episode will always be available on the @wearemanenough YouTube channel: The Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.Show Notes 01:19 Episode Starts03:20 Where Did The Title "Brown Enough" Come From?05:33 When Was The Last Time You Didn't Feel Enough?08:58 The World Isn't Black and White16:47 Brownness And It's Proximity to Whiteness19:34 The Real History of James Bond22:40 Insecurities And The Desire To Fit In28:04 Expressing Vulnerabilities/ Safe Enough To Be Vulnerable36:59 Tangible Ways To Be Better Men/Fight for Action48:25 Ignorance Doesn't Taste Good 56:07 Be Engaged In The World59:48 What Does It Mean To Be Man Enough01:00:40 Breathing ExerciseQuotes“There isn’t a box that can contain a man” - Christopher Rivas“What stories must die so that new ones can grow?” - Christopher Rivas“I am less interested in better and I am more interested in how do I be more honest.” - Christopher Rivas“I show up in the world everyday knowing that I am going to be somebody's ancestor. ” - Christopher Rivas"I'm moved by not wanting to be in a state of ignorance. I'm moved by wanting to be in a state of peace." - Christopher RivasRead Brown Enough Brown Enough, part memoir and part social commentary, emerges, asking readers to proudly put their bodies, their identities, into the conversations of race. Brown Enough is a roller coaster of finding one's true self while simultaneously having a racial awakening amidst the struggle to be "perfectly" Latinx, woke, and as Brown as possible to make it in today's America.Buy Brown Enough wherever you buy your books!Support Brown Enough Podcast Christopher RivasChristopher Rivas is an actor, author, podcaster, and storyteller. He is the host of two podcast series with SiriusXM's Stitcher: Brown Enough, which explores the parallel themes of this book through interview-style episodes; and Rubirosa, a 10-episode documentary-style investigation of Porfirio Rubirosa. On screen, Rivas is known for his work on the Fox series, Call Me Kat, opposite Mayim Bialik, Leslie Jordan, Kyla Pratt and Cheyenne Jackson. He has recently released his first book Brown Enough, which explores what it means to be Brown in America.Guest Social Links: CHRIS RIVAS Instagram @christopher__rivasTwitter @chris__rivasSubscribe to the Man Enough newsletter for behind the scenes, updates, sneak peeks of new episodes, and positive masculinity content: the Man Enough book: the Boys Will Be Human book: FOLLOW THE HOSTS:Justin Baldoni Text: +1 (310) 845-6909 Liz Plank Jamey Heath Special ThanksGet a 60 day free trial at to ShipStation for sponsoring the show!#masculinity #manenough #latinx #intersectionality #race #gender #inclusion #activism #mentalhealth

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