A Call To Action For Men: Abortion and the Fight for Women's Rights with Giacomo Gianniotti

A Call To Action For Men: Abortion and the Fight for Women's Rights with Giacomo Gianniotti

A Call To Action For Men: Abortion and the Fight for Women's Rights with Giacomo Gianniotti

The Man Enough Podcast - April 17, 2023 - 43:34

An incredibly important conversation about abortion, women’s freedom and how men can support. Nominated for a Best Podcast Episode Webby - vote here: https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2023/podcasts/features/best-individual-episodeIn this powerful episode, Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti reveals his personal journey with his wife, Nichole, through the heartbreak of losing their unborn child (2:25). Emphasizing the critical need for open discussions on abortion and women's bodily autonomy (10:58), Giacomo shares intimate insights into his family's experience with miscarriages and the vital medical intervention Nichole required. He urges male listeners to actively champion women's rights and equality (21:50).Timecodes: 0:00 Giacomo’s family’s miscarriage while trying to become parents7:03 The traumas and grief of medical abortion10:58 Men supporting bodily autonomy18:25 Abortion isn’t a bad word21:50 Dispelling the myth of abortion as birth control33:25: A call for unity in woman’s rights39:02: Men need a space to grieve tooYou can help us bring home Webbys People's Voice awards! Vote: Giacomo Gianniotti, Best Individual Episode, Podcasts: https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2023/podcasts/features/best-individual-episodeZachary Levi, Best Individual Episode, Health & Wellness: https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2023/podcasts/individual-episodes/health-wellnessNew episodes every Monday 🎙️ Special video clips each week on https://youtube.com/WeAreManEnough Sign up for the Man Enough newsletter to get full video episodes and positive masculinity news every Monday: http://manenough.com/newsletterThe Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.About Giacomo Gianniotti: Giacomo Gianniotti is an actor, writer, director, and philanthropist most known for his role as Dr. Andrew Deluca on Grey's Anatomy. His film credits include LUCA, the Jesse Owens biopic RACE, and ACQUAINTED, which he also co-produced. Gianniotti is currently the lead Global Brand Ambassador for Nobis.Quotes:"Men need to speak up." - Giacomo Gianniotti "Even though my suffering can't be compared to my wife's suffering, I still suffered." - Giacomo Gianniotti “We are organizing ourselves by what we are against instead of what we are for.” - Justin Baldoni“If men could have abortions there’d be one at every gas station..Men need to hear more men that have been a part of abortions] speak up.” - Justin Baldoni“This is not radical. We don’t want more rights, we just want the same rights that were gained 50/60 years ago when women couldn’t own a credit card...” - Liz Plank“I don’t believe that we [society] take care of men who go through what you just went through.” - Justin BaldoniGiacomo's Social Links: IG: instagram.com/giacomo_gianniottiTwitter: twitter.com/giacomokgMan Enough book: https://manenough.com/booksBoys Will Be Human book: https://boyswillbehuman.com FOLLOW THE HOSTS:Justin Baldoni https://instagram.com/justinbaldoni https://www.tiktok.com/@justinbaldoni https://facebook.com/justinbaldoni https://twitter.com/justinbaldoni Text: +1 (310) 845-6909 Liz Plank https://instagram.com/feministabulous https://tiktok.com/@lizplank https://facebook.com/feministabulous https://twitter.com/feministabulous http://www.elizabethplank.com/ Jamey Heath https://instagram.com/jamey_heath_ https://tiktok.com/@jameyheath https://twitter.com/jamey_heath_ https://facebook.com/jameyjaz http://www.jameyheath.com/ PRODUCED BY: Wayfarer Studios: https://www.wayfarerstudios.comP&G StudiosExecutive Producers: Justin Baldoni, Jamey Heath, Tarah Malhotra-Feinberg, Marc Pritchard, Anna Saalfeld, Chris CorcoranProducer: Kayla Nicholson#boys #men #masculinity #feminism #miscarriage #abortion #allyship #childbirth #mentalhealth #parenting

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