Sam Baldoni: Seeing Dad as Fully Human

Sam Baldoni: Seeing Dad as Fully Human

Sam Baldoni: Seeing Dad as Fully Human

The Man Enough Podcast - August 2, 2021 - 57:18

What prevents parents and children from sharing their struggles and stories with each other and what valuable benefits are unlocked when they do? Justin’s dad, Sam Baldoni—producer and entertainment industry marketing pioneer—joins his son for an intimate and emotional conversation where they both open up to each other in ways they never have before. They share their perspectives and challenges as fathers and sons, including: The pressure and detriment of upholding the image of being superman Breaking through the invisible barrier that keeps us from having honest conversations about sex, financial struggles, aging, and intimacy Generational patterns they have perpetuated and the ones they want to break By modeling what it looks like when we show up and open up, Sam and Justin invite us to stay present—even when it gets uncomfortable—and to find the humanity in each other, including in our parents.The Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Proctor and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence 13, an Audacy company.HOSTS: Justin Baldoni, Liz Plank, and Jamey HeathJOIN THE MAN ENOUGH COMMUNITY:Instagram: to the Man Enough newsletter for behind the scenes, updates, and sneak peeks of new episodes, as well as positive masculinity content: the book: THE HOSTS:Justin Baldoni Instagram: Baldoni TikTok: Baldoni Facebook: Baldoni Twitter: Justin: +1 (310) 845-6909Liz Plank: Plank TikTok: Plank Facebook: Plank Twitter: Heath Instagram: Heath TikTok: Heath Twitter: Heath Facebook: BALDONISam Baldoni Instagram: Baldoni Twitter: #Fatherhood #SamBaldoniPRODUCED BY:Wayfarer Studios: https://www.wayfarerstudios.comWayfarer Studios YouTube: StudiosExecutive Producers: Justin Baldoni, Jamey Heath, Tarah Malhotra-Feinberg, Marc Pritchard, Carrie Rathod, Chris Corcoran

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