Finding Love Within: Jalen Noble's Story of Healing and Second Chances

Finding Love Within: Jalen Noble's Story of Healing and Second Chances

Finding Love Within: Jalen Noble's Story of Healing and Second Chances

The Man Enough Podcast - July 31, 2023 - 1:14:45

Tune in for an exciting conversation with Tik-Tok star and former Love Island contestant, Jalen Noble, who skyrocketed to fame when he embarked on a life-changing mental health journey, all documented online. Together, they explore the fascinating realm of masculine and feminine energies, reflecting on Jalen's sports-focused upbringing, and the heartwarming tale of his flourishing romance with girlfriend Monet McMichael, with the possibility of marriage on the horizon!Later on, Jalen courageously opens up about a turning point in his life: a near-fatal suicide attempt during his time at military college, which deeply transformed his relationship with his father and his entire outlook on life, love, and success. This powerful and inspirational journey of change, growth, and finding love within yourself is not to be missed! Disclaimer: This episode includes discussions of sensitive topics, such as mental health struggles and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.Watch this episode on YOUTUBE: Sign up for the Man Enough newsletter to get full video episodes and positive masculinity news every Monday: Man Enough Podcast is produced by Wayfarer Studios and presented by Procter and Gamble, in partnership with Cadence13, an Audacy company.Timecodes: 00:09 - Has Jalen found “the one?”01:15 - Where’s Justin?05:15 - Introducing Jalen Noble!06:20 - After years of work, Jalen is finally feeling “enough”09:30 - Jalen’s self-transformation: from playboy to loverboy14:03 - Is cleaning and self discipline masculine or feminine?19:36 - Jalen’s struggle with depression and attempted suicide24:26 - Jalen is showing himself the compassion he lacked 10 years ago31:38 - Redefining our definition of “worth” and “success”34:00 - Jalen’s newfound purpose 43:12 - The importance of Dad’s modeling vulnerability 47:24 - Jalen’s newfound love with Monet McMichael 51:35 - Jalen’s romanticizing his future59:25 - Cheating, ownership and inequality in relationships 01:04:47 - Are we dating the internet?01:09:40 - What does it mean to be Man Enough?” Quotes:“Life doesn’t have to be defined by this job or this thing that you do. Just being, is worth living for.” - Liz Plank “I was fortunate that I have my smile, that’s what I used to mask a lot of the struggle that happened…It was this idea of being a womanizer that I used to put a bandaid over a cut that needed surgery, it wouldn’t work.” - Jalen Noble “If I own something I misuse it, if I own something I may ot value it as much. But if I rent it, I treat it with care.” - Jalen Noble Guest Social Links: JALEN NOBLEInstagram: @jalen_nobleTiktok: @alwaysjalenSupport Man Enough Man Enough Newsletter: Enough book: Will Be Human book: Follow The HostsJustin Baldoni Justin: +1 (310) 845-6909Liz Plank Heath #men #masculinity #jalennoble #loveisland #suicideawareness #suicideprevention #mentalhealth #therapy #therapist #therapyformen #athletes #selfhelp #masculinity #relationships #daiting

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