The Truth About Labor Unions

The Truth About Labor Unions

Majority 54 - June 15, 2018 - 46:56

Welcome to Majority 54. We’re talking to the 54% of American​s​ who did not vote for Donald Trump about where we go from here. Senator Yvanna Cancela is a millennial union leader who thought she was headed for a much different destination. She listened to her calling and became the political director of Culinary Local 226, Nevada’s largest union. Now, Cancela has led protests, lobbied state lawmakers and played a pivotal role in turning Nevada blue last November when most of the nation wound up red. We’re going to discuss how unions are perceived in America, both positively and negatively, and what the future of organized labor looks like. Hope you enjoy! Important links: @YvannaCancela @Majority54 @JasonKander Produced by Brock Wilbur

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Jason Kander is an army veteran from Kansas City, Missouri and the first millennial elected to statewide office in the United States. He's traveling the country to help the 54% of us who didn't vote for Donald Trump talk to those of us who did about the most divisive issues in our country.