Connecting Through Comedy / The Liberal Redneck

Connecting Through Comedy / The Liberal Redneck

Majority 54 - July 6, 2018 - 41:41

His name is Trae Crowder but you might know him under a different name: The Liberal Redneck. From his porch, Trae films videos on his phone where he goes on rants about social issues. You instantly feel he’s about to venture into very upsetting territory, and some of that comes from his mix of anger and a heavy southern accent. And then, when he hits his stride, The Liberal Redneck shifts into a position of openness, and general woke-ness, that turns your expectations on their head. Now, him and his co-comedians WellRED Comedy are touring the country, engaging with audiences of all types, and headed for an inevitable network TV show of their own. Here is my conversation with Trae Crowder about how we can use a few good jokes to offset the darkness. Also, check out our new line of t-shirts from the Crooked Media Store at Important links: @‏traecrowder @Majority54 @JasonKander Produced by Brock Wilbur Ads:

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