Special Episode: Grab an Oar: A conversation about activism with Cecile Richards

Special Episode: Grab an Oar: A conversation about activism with Cecile Richards

Majority 54 - December 22, 2017 - 47:01

This is a special episode of Majority 54. Usually this show focuses on a single divisive issue by talking to a single individual experiencing it in their everyday life. But from the beginning, I wanted to conclude this year with a different kind of conversation – one specifically about activism. 2017 has been a year of progressive activism. It’s drawn people out of their homes in so many inspiring ways, and from the women’s march to the #MeToo movement, the resistance has been especially fueled by women, so it’s appropriate that this special episode is a conversation with my friend Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood. Cecile has been an activist her entire life – from protesting the Vietnam War as a seventh grader to organizing union workers across several states in her twenties to running one of the most important healthcare organizations in the country today. We actually sat down to talk about the subject of women’s equality a couple months ago – before the #MeToo movement had even begun. The conversation about women’s equality really became – because I find Cecile so inspiring – one about a life of activism and what she sees for the future. Listen to this episode to cap off 2017 and go inspired into 2018. At the end of the conversation, I'll share my thoughts about the state of the progressive movement in America and what your role and my role should be in 2018. Important Links: @CecileRichards @Majority54 @JasonKander hellomajority54@gmail.com

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