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REACTION (controversial photo of Jerry Jones) - Not Selling Out, Looking Out

REACTION (controversial photo of Jerry Jones) - Not Selling Out, Looking Out

The Stephen A. Smith Show - November 30, 2022 - 49:22

Stephen A. seethes about the backlash he received from the Black community following his reaction to a 1957 photo of Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, standing in a crowd of White students blocking six Black students from entering North Little Rock High School in Arkansas. He calls out the lack of free thought amongst the Black community, as well as the hypocrisy, taunts, insults, and irrationality he endures when he voices his opinions. He also rails against groupthink and questions what some of his most prominent critics are doing to advance the culture, while highlighting his efforts to affect change both in front of and behind-the-scenes. It’s Stephen A. as only Stephen A. delivers it – direct and unapologetic.

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