In Progress S2: Biet Simkin

In Progress S2: Biet Simkin

In Progress: An Imperfect Journey with Aurora James - September 12, 2019 - 51:25

Biet Simkin started meditating while she was still in diapers. Raised by a shaman, Biet’s spiritual upbringing has always had a huge presence on her life. But after early adulthood brought unimaginable tragedy, a life-threatening illness, and struggles with addiction, Biet had to return to her roots in a major way in order to reclaim her future. On this episode of In Progress, the buzzy spiritual teacher and author digs in deep with host Aurora James about the importance of honoring your origins.

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Where we come from has everything to do with who we are. And that’s the phenomenon we’ll explore in season 2 of In Progress, as host Aurora James, founder of Brother Vellies, takes listeners on a candid, intimate journey with standout entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Luminaries like Melanie Elturk, Patty Rodriguez, Anine Bing explore how their origin stories and formative cultural experiences have shaped and continue to shape their careers—for better or worse. Presented in partnership with TUMI, In Progress offers up an inspirational and actionable roadmap to owning our personal narratives and living fully in our present selves.