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Black Mirror: "Striking Vipers," Murder Mystery

Black Mirror: "Striking Vipers," Murder Mystery

I'm Obsessed With This - June 18, 2019 - 30:43

You know what's unpleasant to think about? Video games of the future. You know what's fun to think about? Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston solving a murder on a yacht.This week, host Bobby Finger welcomes BuzzFeed Breaking News Reporter Michael Blackmon (@blackmon) and Hey Ladies! author Caroline Moss (@carolinemoss) to discuss the captivating new Black Mirror episode "Striking Vipers," as well as the charming silliness of Murder Mystery. Skip segments you'd like to keep spoiler-free with these handy time codes:Striking Vipers: 8:22 - 20:40Murder Mystery: 20:40 - 30:05Call 754-CALL-BOB and share your current obsessions, and we may discuss it on a future episode!Once again, it's 754-CALL-BOB.

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