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Dead to Me, I Think You Should Leave, Santa Clarita Diet

Dead to Me, I Think You Should Leave, Santa Clarita Diet

I'm Obsessed With This - May 7, 2019 - 37:02

This week, host Bobby Finger welcomes writer-at-large at The Cut Kelly Conaboy (@kellyconaboy) and senior writer at The Cut and author of several books, including Would You Rather and the forthcoming Girl Crushed Katie Heaney (@KTHeaney) on to mourn the cancelation of Katie's beloved Santa Clarita Diet and explain what it had in common with other easy-to-watch sitcoms like Schitt's Creek, gush about our new obsession Dead to Me, and rave about the endless laughs from I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. Kelly and Bobby may not have any good car ideas, but they may have convinced Katie to give their new favorite show another shot! Skip segments you'd like to keep spoiler-free with these handy time codes:Santa Clarita Diet: 8:00 - 10:14Dead to Me: 10:14 - 20:43I Think You Should Leave: 20:43 - 33:25Call 754-CALL-BOB and share your current obsessions, and we may discuss it on a future episode!Once again, it's 754-CALL-BOB.

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