"Head Explodes" (with Senator Mazie Hirono)

"Head Explodes" (with Senator Mazie Hirono)

"Head Explodes" (with Senator Mazie Hirono)

Hysteria - October 4, 2018 - 1:16:15

This week Erin is joined by Grace Parra and Kiran Deol as they navigate the beer-soaked hell that is this week. But it’s not all bad: they also focus on some good news, introducing you to some inspiring female candidates who could help flip seats from red to blue. And speaking of inspiring: Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii joins us to break down the “bullshit” of this head-exploding moment in history. Later, writer/actress Jen Richards joins the group for a conversation about trickle down feminism in Personal /Political. And finally: the group gets especially petty in The Hill I'll Die On.

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