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Campaign HQ with David Plouffe - October 27, 2022 - 1:06:10

Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune discusses what it would take to turn Texas blue, and why the demographics of the state suggest the Dobbs decision may not be as much of a driving factor for Democratic votes as it is in other states.Then Nick Rathod, campaign manager for Beto O’Rourke, discusses the state of the Governor’s race, what they are seeing on the ground and how they are tackling the need for big Democratic turnout.

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David Plouffe, former President Barack Obama’s campaign manager and White House Senior Advisor, takes a deep dive into key states in the crucial midterm elections - and what it will take to win them. Plouffe’s guests are key operatives, local political reporters and independent pollsters, who don’t just have opinions about what is happening–they know what is happening, because they are the ones in the arena.