“We’re Into Nightmares” (with Ronde Barber)

“We’re Into Nightmares” (with Ronde Barber)

“We’re Into Nightmares” (with Ronde Barber)

Hard Knocks Podcast - August 8, 2019 - 26:37

Host Peter Schrager kicks off the first ever Hard Knocks Podcast by breaking down this week’s premiere episode, analyzing the players and storylines, and looking ahead at Oakland’s potential. Then, Super Bowl champ Ronde Barber joins Peter to discuss playing for head coach Jon Gruden. Plus Schrager names this week’s MVP and what he’s tracking for episode two. Stay in touch: Tweet us @PSchrags on TwitterEmail us Peterschrager@Gmail.comFollow us @HardKnocksHBO on Instagram Hard Knocks Podcast is a production of HBO Sports, NFL Films and Pineapple Street Media

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