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Ep. 25: Procrastinating? Forgive Yourself!

Ep. 25: Procrastinating? Forgive Yourself!

Happier in Hollywood - November 2, 2017 - 34:12

We've all caught ourselves binge-watching bad TV when we have deadlines that matter to us. Liz and Sarah talk to fellow writer and self-proclaimed procrastinator, Eileen Myers (Big Love, Hung, Masters of Sex), about why fear and resentment are the enemies of productivity. Eileen shares her techniques for conquering procrastination including the Pomodoro method. Liz and Sarah also answer listener questions about balancing career and family, and whether you can get a job when you're pregnant. Plus a new segment called Hits and Bombs where Liz and Sarah share their highest highs and lowest lows. Finally, this week's Hollywood Hack: a meditation chair!

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