Happier in Hollywood

Ep. 38: Only In Hollywood Do You Pray For Hell

Ep. 38: Only In Hollywood Do You Pray For Hell

Happier in Hollywood - February 1, 2018 - 37:30

Liz and Sarah discuss the rollercoaster that is pilot pick up season -- including the nail-biting anticipation that keeps them up for nights on end. In what other industry does so much ride on one phone call? Then they talk to Hollywood doctor and board certified physician nutrition specialist Melina Jampolis about her new book Spice Up, Slim Down. Who knew that adding a few spices to your diet could help control your blood sugar and fight Alzheimer's? (Also, is it pronounced Tur-mer-ick or Toom-er-ick?) Finally, this week's Hollywood Hack will keep you entertained until you're out of the game: the HQ trivia app!

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