Ep. 105: Time To Ride The Dragon

Ep. 105: Time To Ride The Dragon

Ep. 105: Time To Ride The Dragon

Happier in Hollywood - May 16, 2019 - 24:22

Liz and Sarah reveal their 2019 Development Motto: Ride The Dragon (just like Daenerys, but with less crazy)! With the ever changing waves in their career, they recite a poem from Safire Rose called She Let Go. Then in this week’s Mailroom segment, Liz and Sarah answer a listener question about writing thank you notes to showrunners. This week’s selfie Hollywood Hack is perfect for events: a selfie remote. Finally, Liz shares her Sugar Ray Celebrity Sighting: Mark McGrath!Women in Film: https://womeninfilm.org/Safire Rose: https://safire-rose.com/Selfie Remote: https://www.target.com/p/retrak-bluetooth-selfie-remote/-/A-52808250Mark McGrath: http://www.markmcgrath.com/Katsu-ya: http://www.katsu-yagroup.com/encino/

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