Ep. 125: Starting A Work Marathon, Ending A Heath Lull

Ep. 125: Starting A Work Marathon, Ending A Heath Lull

Ep. 125: Starting A Work Marathon, Ending A Heath Lull

Happier in Hollywood - October 3, 2019 - 29:50

Liz and Sarah share an email from a listener who gives a counterargument to their advice to “arrive early.” Then they announce their new development projects! They’ve sold two pilots — one to ABC and one to CBS. They discuss strategies to maintain their endurance for the months-long journey toward (hopefully) series pickups. In Take A Hike, Sarah reveals her health lull is over, and she’s diving headlong into a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Sarah’s friend and real estate agent to the stars, Victoria Massengale, drops in to offer support and tips on how to transition into a new meat and dairy-free existence. This week’s Hollywood Hack: talk to the chef. Wonderland Sound and VIsion:https://www.wonderlandsoundandvision.com/aboutWhole-Food, Plant Based Diet:https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/plant-based-diet-guideThe Alzheimer’s Solution:https://teamsherzai.com/book/Victoria Massengale:https://www.victoriaandmichael.net/Chef Chloe Coscarelli:https://chefchloe.com/Sun Cafe:https://suncafe.com/Cafe Gratitude:https://www.cafegratitude.com/Gracias Madre:https://www.graciasmadre.co/Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

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