Ep. 130: How To Focus During Armageddon

Ep. 130: How To Focus During Armageddon

Ep. 130: How To Focus During Armageddon

Happier in Hollywood - November 7, 2019 - 30:16

Liz and Sarah give an update on their efforts to reject anxiety during development season. Then they strategize about how to stay focussed on work when it feels like they’re in the middle of Armageddon. Between the wild fires and the news, it’s all too much! The advice they get from Liz’s sister, Gretchen Rubin? Turn off phone notifications and schedule time to worry. In Take Two, listeners weigh in on the subject of how to create likable characters. Liz and Sarah’s favorite take away — it’s not important that a character be likable, as long as the audience understands why she’s doing what she’s doing. This week’s Hollywood Hack comes from Liz’s recent touring: get a travel steamer. Finally, Liz and Sarah had another Hugo’s Celebrity Sighting: Mariel Hemingway. Gretchen Rubin:https://gretchenrubin.com/Travel steamer:https://www.amazon.com/iSteam-Steamer-Powerful-Handheld-Portable/dp/B072PY74HY/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2ETJIKV214XMI&keywords=isteam+steamer+for+clothes&qid=1572998381&sprefix=Is+team+%2Caps%2C212&sr=8-3Hugo’s:https://www.hugosrestaurant.com/studio-city-menuMariel Hemingwayhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000446/

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