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Ep. 12: It's Good to Be Self-Critical! (Unless It's Not.)

Ep. 12: It's Good to Be Self-Critical! (Unless It's Not.)

Happier in Hollywood - August 3, 2017 - 27:20

In this episode: Liz and Sarah asked for advice on drinking more water, and you came through! Happier in Hollywood producer Jennifer Lai shares her favorite water-drinking tips from our listeners. In "From the Treadmill Desks Of," Liz and Sarah discuss the pros and cons of self-criticism. When should you expect more from yourself, and when does self-criticism become toxic? Then Liz and Sarah call their agent, Matt Solo, who dispenses advice on how to stand out when you're starting out. Their favorite piece of wisdom, whether you're in a Hollywood agency mailroom or any other entry level job: "Your job is from 9 - 6. Your career is what you do from 7 until midnight." Finally, in this week's Hollywood Hack, Liz and Sarah share their newest obsession, discount luxury shopping on TheRealReal!

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