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Ep. 35: You Asked -- We Answer! A Q&A Episode with Liz and Sarah

Ep. 35: You Asked -- We Answer! A Q&A Episode with Liz and Sarah

Happier in Hollywood - January 11, 2018 - 24:32

This episode is all about you! Liz and Sarah answer all of your pressing questions. How does Liz live with two first and last names? Where do sets go when no one's using them? How does Sarah manage her healthy lifestyle without obsessing? And more! Plus, their Assistant Mary offers advice on how to make friends in Los Angeles. (Insider Tip: start with finding an acquaintance.) Then this week's Hollywood Hack comes from listener Matt: Portrait Mode, the metaphor.

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Veteran TV writers Liz Craft and Sarah Fain demystify Hollywood by making career and personal struggles universal. Friends since high school and writing partners for 17 years, Liz and Sarah have survived and thrived in Tinseltown’s male-dominated entertainment industry, guided by blind optimism and a Midwestern work ethic. Along the way they've learned a lot about kicking ass, kissing ass, and office yoga.