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Ep 27: Jenna Fischer Talks Party Crashing, Pottery Barn Tears, and Patience

Ep 27: Jenna Fischer Talks Party Crashing, Pottery Barn Tears, and Patience

Happier in Hollywood - November 16, 2017 - 36:32

Emmy nominated actress Jenna Fischer (The Office, Blades of Glory) talks to Liz and Sarah about her new book The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide. From headshots gone wrong, to a breakdown Pottery Barn, to finally understanding that it takes fifty no's to get one yes, Jenna's experience will help anyone trying to make it in Hollywood and beyond. Then Liz and Sarah share an update on their Facebook group and the growing Happier in Hollywood community (hint — you should join!) and reveal this week's Hits and Bombs — Liz bonded with other 2nd grade families at a resort in Palm Springs while Sarah traumatized Violet with a book about death. Plus, a Hollywood Hack that will make you feel like a professional photographer — portrait setting on the iPhone!

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