Ep. 127: Why “Enough Is Enough”

Ep. 127: Why “Enough Is Enough”

Ep. 127: Why “Enough Is Enough”

Happier in Hollywood - October 17, 2019 - 26:53

Liz and Sarah explain that even a “put” pilot isn’t a sure thing. Then they discuss why “enough is enough.” It’s tempting to over-write and over-speak, but don’t do it! Going on and on makes you look weak and unfocused. In their new segment, You’re The Boss, Liz and Sarah talk to author Morgan Simpson about his new book, What’s Running You? How to Become the Entrepreneur of Your Life. Morgan’s advice? Create your own Board of Directors. This week’s fashion Hollywood Hack: choose a signature designer.“Put” pilot :https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/abc-put-pilot-plastics-elizabeth-craft-sarah-fain-1203356105/What’s Running You? How to Become the Entrepreneur of Your Life:https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Running-You-Become-Entrepreneur-ebook/dp/B07Z2MQ4VZ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=What’s+Running+You%3F&qid=1571177526&sr=8-1Veronica Beard:https://veronicabeard.com/?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3JXtBRC8ARIsAEBHg4nuUyAHy-1XnHnp_ZbP2Dh4ighq8EvpinbdLNTu8OlkNhAbHpNweP4aAgR6EALw_wcBAnthropologie:https://www.anthropologie.com/?mrkgcl=694&mrkgadid=586468124&utm_medium=paid_search&utm_source=Google&utm_content=anthropologie_-_Exact&utm_term=anthropologie&utm_campaign=US_-_Brand_-_Top_Traffic&creative=378700693422&device=t&matchtype=e&network=g&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3JXtBRC8ARIsAEBHg4mTVpp9JeLvXX5p_XnpyAd1kpoCknGVy5Zi8v7e4q59PjfiJIDJ4AMaAgdGEALw_wcBPhoto by Jack Carter on Unsplash

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