Ep. 129: Anxiety, We Reject You!

Ep. 129: Anxiety, We Reject You!

Ep. 129: Anxiety, We Reject You!

Happier in Hollywood - October 31, 2019 - 23:48

Liz and Sarah wish listeners a Happy Halloween and share a tip from The Whole 30’s Melissa Hartwig Urban about how to resist the temptation to eat candy. In From The Treadmill Desks Of, they talk about their decision to reject anxiety when it comes to the notes process during this development season. Their new anxiety mantra: “There is no space for you here.” Then Liz and Sarah answer a Mailbag question about how they keep their creative juices flowing even when they’re not feeling inspired. In Hits & Bombs, Liz gives a hit to the new (and final) season of the podcast StartUp. And they have a shared bomb — despite the best of intentions, they haven’t hiked in ages. Finally Sarah shares this week’s homegrown microgreen Hollywood Hack: Hamama.Melissa Hartwig Urban:https://whole30.com/about/Chef Chloe Coscarelli:https://chefchloe.com/#AmWritingPodcasthttps://amwritingpodcast.com/StartUp Podcasthttps://gimletmedia.com/shows/startupHamama:https://www.hamama.com/

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