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Little Happier: The Same People Are Always Late, and the Same People Are Always on Time

Little Happier: The Same People Are Always Late, and the Same People Are Always on Time

Happier with Gretchen Rubin - March 27, 2023 - 01:59

My weight-training instructor observed, “The same people are always late, and others are always on time.” Even though they’re experiencing the same traffic, the same weather, and the same usual challenges of everyday life.Get in touch: podcast@gretchenrubin.comFollow on social media:@GretchenRubin on YouTube@GretchenRubin on TikTok@GretchenRubin & @LizCraft on InstagramGet the podcast show notes by email every week: happiercast.com/shownotesGet Gretchen Rubin’s newest book Life in Five Senses to see how she discovered a surprising path to a life of more energy, creativity, luck, and love: by tuning in to the five senses. Now available for pre-order.Visit Gretchen's website to learn more about Gretchen's best-selling books, products from The Happiness Project Collection, and the Happier app. Happier with Gretchen Rubin is part of ‘The Onward Project,’ a family of podcasts brought together by Gretchen Rubin—all about how to make your life better. Check out the other Onward Project podcasts— Side Hustle School, Happier in Hollywood and Everything Happens with Kate Bowler.

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