Impeachy Not-So-Keen and the Iowa Countdown

Impeachy Not-So-Keen and the Iowa Countdown

Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy - January 21, 2020 - 53:00

The Hacks are here to talk all the latest:The impeachment trial launches in the Senate and both sides assume their marks: will it amount to more than Kabuki theater, or will the partisan paradigm pervade? And how much will it matter in November?T minus two weeks until our favorite time of the year: the Iowa caucuses! Polling points to cadre of four frontrunners: under what circumstances could any of them pull ahead? And as the Warren/Bernie feud continues to dominate news coverage, who benefits from the spat, and how will it shape the fight to lead the Left?Klobuchar is climbing in the polls: but will Senate jury duty hamper her chances? Is there a lane for Mayor Mike Bloomberg under any circumstances?The Hacks dive into the mailbag: we offer advice to an Iowa caucus voter and assess the possibility that Team Warren planted the Bernie bout.Lastly, the New York Times’ editorial board offer their endorsement to an unprecedented two Democratic contenders. What say the Hacks about this anomalous assertion?

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