Free Period

The Jet Lag Episode w/ Sasha & Alana

The Jet Lag Episode w/ Sasha & Alana

Free Period - February 21, 2023 - 58:52

G’day, mates! Alana is back from Australia and the girls are reunited for another episode of Free Period! Sasha and Alana talk about watching Australian Love Island, obsessing over Tuck Everlasting, and getting into their internet archives. They also get into some iconic Y2K throwbacks. This episode has everything from pretty boy discourse and Friendster meetups, to retroactive self-love moments and first kiss anecdotes.

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February 7, 2023 - 51:24
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Sasha Spielberg and Alana Haim take a trip back in time to explore their most awkward stage: the braces, the acne, a time where achieving a first kiss might as well be as easy as discovering an element on a periodic table and your bar mitzvah theme was the most important decision of your life. They divulge their most embarrassing stories from this, the most frightening years of their lives that made them the women they are today. They also bring along their friends and family to tell their own stories of heartbreak and embarrassment because a throwback + FML is what everyone loves. “Free Period” is a presentation of Cadence13.