Free Period

Dolly Alderton: Everything We Know About WooHoo!

Dolly Alderton: Everything We Know About WooHoo!

Free Period - January 24, 2023 - 57:27

Free Period is going international this week with iconic guest, Dolly Alderton. Dolly Alderton is the author of the 2018 memoir, Everything I Know About Love, and the 2020 novel, Ghosts. The TV adaptation of her memoir is available to watch on Peacock. She is the agony aunt columnist for The Times of London and a collection of her columns will be published in the U.S in March. Listen to hear the girls chat about the show Skins, being afraid of teens, starter drinks, The Sims, trauma envy, and school snitches. This episode will have you feeling every emotion under the sun. Tune in!

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