How Can I Travel Responsibly?

How Can I Travel Responsibly?

Fortune Favors the Bold - The Official Mastercard Podcast - February 6, 2020 - 32:09

Travel is often a transformative part of our personal and professional lives. But there’s a growing conversation around the ethics of traveling. From the carbon emissions involved in flying to the impact on local communities, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding how, where and why to travel. This week on Fortune Favors the Bold, Ashley C. Ford explores how to travel more intentionally. She speaks with Jada Yuan, the first-ever New York Times 52 Places Traveler, about the essential role travel has played in her life, and what questions about responsible travel her round-the-world trip inspired. To address those questions, we’ll hear from Justin Francis, founder and CEO of Responsible Travel, a company that helps tourists make more informed decisions about their travel plans. Justin explains how sustainable travel choices -- such as eating locally-sourced food -- can actually make travel a more affordable and emotionally fulfilling experience for everyone. He shares why he’s optimistic about our ability to travel in a way that preserves destinations for both the locals and visitors of the future.

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