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BONUS: Jeff Saturday Replaces Frank Reich as Indianapolis Colts Head Coach | 'Reception Perception'

BONUS: Jeff Saturday Replaces Frank Reich as Indianapolis Colts Head Coach | 'Reception Perception'

1st & Pod - November 8, 2022 - 15:16

From the "Reception Perception" Podcast (Subscribe Here) - The Indianapolis Colts fired their head coach Frank Reich after an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Reich was replaced by former Colts center Jeff Saturday, who previously consulted with the team but was never a coach for them. What does this mean for the Colts second half? Tune in!Matt Harmon and James Koh whip around the NFL and cover the position they know best: Wide receivers. Using the data from Harmon's exclusive Reception Perception charting methodology, the guys give their takes on receivers at every level of the game.Whether it's the biggest stars in the league or new rookies bursting on the scene, you won't get better wideout information anywhere else. Along the way, they'll break down the biggest stories in the NFL and offer up a few big-picture fantasy football thoughts, as well.Follow the guys on Twitter @JamedDKoh and @MattHarmon_BYB. Follow Reception Perception @RecepPerception. Download and Subscribe to the Reception Perception Show anywhere you get your podcasts.Watch segments of the show on YouTube at Matt Harmon!!

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