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Can We Predict Each Other's Actions? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 373

Can We Predict Each Other's Actions? | Ear Biscuits Ep. 373

Ear Biscuits - March 13, 2023 - 1:09:54

It’s time for a thought experiment – how well can Rhett and Link predict the other’s actions? In this episode, Rhett and Link are given some pretty out there scenarios, posing the question, what would the other one do? From Rhett planting a false memory into the minds of others to Link finding an ET-like alien in his backyard, these outcomes get pretty wild!Make sure to subscribe to Dispatches From Myrtle Beach – the podcast with Link and his Dad, Charles, now available on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/@DispatchesFromMyrtleBeach

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