Gabe Marks, the quote machine | S2, Episode 6

Gabe Marks, the quote machine | S2, Episode 6

Draft Season: SI's NFL draft miniseries - April 20, 2017 - 32:02

Gabe Marks has spent his entire football career hearing how he’s too small and too slow, but no one could ever accuse him of having too little personality. The Washington State wideout earned a reputation for telling it like it is at press conferences throughout his college career, leading to more than a few viral moments. Now he's preparing to be drafted into the NFL, where teams tend to look a little less fondly on unexpected headlines from outspoken players. In the final episode of the season, Lindsay Schnell gives Marks the mic one more time to dig into the person behind the one-liners, a prospect trying to prove he's not all talk. This episode of Draft Season was produced by Alex Abnos. Theme song by Alex Abnos. Logo and artwork by Harry Swartout. This episode uses music by Podington Bear and Chris Zabriske.

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