We've been quarantined

We've been quarantined

Deeper with The Dolan Twins - March 24, 2020 - 55:21

“I believe you have a soul purpose while you’re here”Home quarantine pod! It's been a crazy few weeks for everyone, we're all going through a lot. We talk to you guys about what we're doing during the quarantine, and how to stay upbeat and optimistic given the circumstances. On a lighter note, we'll dish on some super embarrassing stories, talk through completely unrealistic scenarios that always enter our heads, and why you probably shouldn't go trick-or-treating in September.

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About The Show

Although only 21, The Dolan Twins have gone through a lot in their lives. Through the lens of their experiences, this podcast will be a platform for them to do what they haven’t been able to on YouTube all these years - get deeper. Raw, unfiltered, vulnerable conversations on serious (and not-so-serious) topics, the show will be an open forum that will allow everyone to see another side of the Twins they haven’t before.