We've been sharing a bed...

We've been sharing a bed...

Deeper with The Dolan Twins - June 16, 2020 - 43:50

We messed up recording our first podcast so this is take two and things got really loose. Our house is still completely under renovation, so what do you get when you combine two big twins in one bed and remove the AC? Plus, we’ve had some encounters with bears during our childhood, and Ethan had another in the bathroom the other day. And stay tuned for Grayson’s fire mixtape dropping soon.

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Although only 21, The Dolan Twins have gone through a lot in their lives. Through the lens of their experiences, this podcast will be a platform for them to do what they haven’t been able to on YouTube all these years - get deeper. Raw, unfiltered, vulnerable conversations on serious (and not-so-serious) topics, the show will be an open forum that will allow everyone to see another side of the Twins they haven’t before.