Dead and Gone

Disappearance of Jeremy Alex | 9

Disappearance of Jeremy Alex | 9

Dead and Gone - May 31, 2022 - 31:55

In 2004, Jeremy Ted Alex went missing from Northport, Maine and has never been found. A guitarist who traveled in a van to Grateful Dead shows, Jeremy was last seen by a couple in their backyard.

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May 25, 2022 - 29:55
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Despite the Grateful Dead’s ethos of peace and love and communal music, there is a darkness that surrounds the band. Across five decades, a string of unexplained accidents, murders and disappearances have befallen some of the band’s most dedicated fans; affectionately known as "DeadHeads." Some were last seen on their way to Grateful Dead concerts, others simply vanished or were tragically murdered while attending shows. Hosted by Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished) and Jake Brennan (Disgraceland), DEAD AND GONE Season 2 dives deep into the DeadHead subculture, investigating four of these tragic unresolved cases while simultaneously navigating the career of this iconic band. A long, strange, deadly trip into the world of The Grateful Dead.