Ep. 75 | Macaulay Culkin

Ep. 75 | Macaulay Culkin

Curious with Josh Peck - October 15, 2019 - 1:51:19

Actor, Podcaster and mensch of a man, Macaulay Culkin has been creating art for GENERATIONS. We chop it up GOOD and talk about weird fan interactions, old drug stories and Donald Trump's cameo in Home Alone. Listen to his Podcast BUNNY EARS everywhere podcasts are available!

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Curious is what I am, about people, places, and things. I’ve been so lucky to have met a tableau of interesting characters and people in my journey on this earth, and I constantly want to find out what makes them tick—what their human experience has been like. Be it someone who’s super famous, someone who’s going through a life transition, someone who’s got a very specific job or upbringing—if it sparks my interest I want to get in deep, and learn more about it. For the most part, this will be funny, but at other times we may get a little emotional, a little deep. Overall, we’re just going to try and find out how people get by on this earth.

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