The Family Code

The Family Code

The Family Code

Cover-Up - June 14, 2018 - 49:57

Many people say you can’t understand Chappaquiddick unless you understand the effect of Bobby Kennedy’s death on his younger brother, Ted. The same could be said for Mary Jo Kopechne — that you have to understand the effect of Bobby’s death on her. Learn about the two people at the center of the scandal: the man thrust into a position he never expected, and the woman whose life was cut short before she ever had a chance. Hear from those who knew a side of Mary Jo many didn't get to see, and the surprising theory they all share. To continue the discussion, join our Facebook group to share your thoughts and theories or reach us directly at And for more on the case, go to

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A presidential hopeful crashes his car in the middle of the night and leaves a young woman to die. What transpired in the hours after Ted Kennedy’s car went over the bridge in Chappaquiddick changed the course of American history. Nearly 50 years later, everyone has a theory yet no one knows the truth. Follow the investigation and hear from those who lived through it in this series from People magazine and Cadence13.