The Letter

The Letter

The Letter

Cover-Up - July 19, 2018 - 32:52

The story of Chappaquiddick is not only about Ted Kennedy or Mary Jo Kopechne. It was also about the Boiler Room Girls, the women who were Mary Jo's co-workers -- and her friend. Many theories about what happened that night have been explored in this podcast. And in the final episode of Cover-Up, a mysterious letter reveals new details about the story that has been shrouded in secrecy for nearly 50 years. To continue the discussion, join our Facebook group to share your thoughts and theories or reach us directly at And for more on the case, go to

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A presidential hopeful crashes his car in the middle of the night and leaves a young woman to die. What transpired in the hours after Ted Kennedy’s car went over the bridge in Chappaquiddick changed the course of American history. Nearly 50 years later, everyone has a theory yet no one knows the truth. Follow the investigation and hear from those who lived through it in this series from People magazine and Cadence13.