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Comments By Bravo: RHONJ Trailer, All Hail Heather Gay, @ThePrettyMess, Southern Charm, RHOD, OC Finale, RHOA #CHill, & More.

Comments By Bravo: RHONJ Trailer, All Hail Heather Gay, @ThePrettyMess, Southern Charm, RHOD, OC Finale, RHOA #CHill, & More.

Comments by Celebs - January 18, 2021 - 2:02:34

Guys - this week was f*cking crazy. Isabel & Emma start off with their necessary weekly assessment of Erika Jayne on Instagram and fantasize about how filming RHOBH is going. They also give their immediate reactions to the RHONJ Season 11 trailer, and how the deep family dynamics will play out this season.*timestamps subject to change with ads*Salt Lake City S1 E10: ~ 09:15In SLC, the women are dealing with the aftermath of Sharrieff's birthday party, the rumors that have left them divided, and figuring out where to go from here. Heather and Whitney take Jen to a spa to talk out their issues which doesn't go as planned. We stan Heather in this house.Atlanta S13 E5: ~ 49:00In Atlanta, they get into Kenya’s surprise engagement party for Cynthia & Mike (no President Elect Biden though), Cynthia asking Kenya & Kandi to be bridesmaids, Kandi sending Riley off to college after we’ve all watched her for years, and Porsha’s childhood / relationship with her sister Lauren.Dallas S5 E2 ~ 1:04:00In Dallas, there is so much to unpack - from the amazing episode to everything going down on Twitter. D’Andra opens up about her family struggles, Tiffany gives some of the women a tour of her fabulous home and invites them all to a traditional dim sum brunch, Kameron was on WWHL, Kary & D’Andra are bickering…there’s just a lot to discuss.Orange County S15 E14 ~ 1:33:00The OC finale was…. special. They get into Braunwyn’s issues with the women (and vice versa), a ton of social media antics, Elizabeth’s highly anticipated divorce settlement, and what to expect from the reunion.Southern Charm S7 E9 ~ 1:44:00Last but certainly not least, the kids of Southern Charmed kicked off the two-part finale with a party at Pringle’s (parent’s friends) house that finally brings everyone together again - for better or for worse. They’re all recovering from last week’s disaster beach party, Leva has some important / eye-opening conversations with the boys, and Madison & Austen continue to be messy AF.Shop our merch:

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