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Comments By Bravo: RHOSLC, Southern Charm Scary Island, RHOD Season 5 Premiere, Braunwyn's Q&A, RHOA, Erika Jayne on...

Comments By Bravo: RHOSLC, Southern Charm Scary Island, RHOD Season 5 Premiere, Braunwyn's Q&A, RHOA, Erika Jayne on Instagram, & More.

Comments by Celebs - January 9, 2021 - 1:40:09

There was a lot of ground to cover today. Emma and Isabel begin with their weekly installment of "what's going on with Erika and Tom." A little slow this week, just some interesting behavior from @theprettymess herself on IG. They also touch on Andy Cohen's thoughts on the backlash he received from moderating the RHOP reunion.Salt Lake City ~ 7:00In an explosive week in Salt Lake City, the episode focuses on the surprise party that Jen is throwing for her husband Sharrieff. From not inviting Mary, the wild outfits, and the drunken drama that went down at the hip hop / golf soiree, it was definitely a night to remember. The episode also gives us more insight into Heather's ex-husband, more Meredith and Seth, and some interesting group dynamics.Orange County ~ 38:00In OC, they discuss Elizabeth's divorce being finalized and the state of Braunwyn and Sean's marriage based on the show as well as real-time Instagram stories.Dallas ~ 54:00The Dallas Season 5 premiere was full of ups and downs - fluffy housewives moments like Kameron's tag sale or dog trainer, to real-life issues with Brandi's racist video and visit to a mental hospital. We also are introduced to powerhouse anesthesiologist Dr. Tiffany Moon and her beautiful family. Atlanta ~ 1:09:00Atlanta this week circled around more drama for Cynthia as she plans her wedding, plus a celebration of Porsha's activism which brings out a not so great side of Kenya. This week was less drama filled than others, but these women are so fabulous regardless of what they’re doing.Southern Charm ~ 1:13:00And finally, last but not least, Southern Charm. This was a wild ride... literally. The group goes to a private island for what used to be Austen's birthday celebration thrown by Madison. Let's just say, sh*t hits the fan from every direction, and it was as if New York's Scary Island / the Beverly Hills dinner party from hell had a love child.

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