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Ep. 313: GMA Breakdown, Keke Palmer, Kanye, & More

Ep. 313: GMA Breakdown, Keke Palmer, Kanye, & More

Comments by Celebs - December 7, 2022 - 52:12

Emma and Julie begin with a full breakdown of the GMA scandal that has rocked the nation. They get into it at all - paparazzi photos, on screen flirtation, confusing timelines, other alleged affairs, and so much more. Then, the exciting news that national treasure Keke Palmer is pregnant (!!!!!), as announced during her SNL monologue. Amy/T.J. tweet: tweet: training video: referenced tweet: then touch on Kanye‘s frightening and despicable remarks last week, and really try to communicate just how scary what he continues to incite has become. Next - Kim & Kanye’s $200k/month divorce, her response to some of his claims, and if she will be entering a new designer exclusive era. Kim TikTok: Black-Owned Business: Tracy James

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