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Comments By Bravo: SLC Finale, Versace Mansion, Jersey Shore, Edibles in Baccarat, Summer House, & More.

Comments By Bravo: SLC Finale, Versace Mansion, Jersey Shore, Edibles in Baccarat, Summer House, & More.

Comments by Celebs - February 23, 2022 - 1:11:23

This week was a doozy. Isabel and Emma begin with Isabel’s revelation of her favorite housewife of all time, and reminisce about an epic WWHL memory.RHOM ~5:00 They first get into the most fun week in Miami, where the women celebrate Alexia’s bachelorette with a glam night at the Versace mansion. They analyze the dynamic between Marysol and Nicole, Julia and Adriana’s friendship, and Adriana bringing up Kim again to test Larsa. RHONJ ~23:00 In Jersey, they discuss the women heading down the shore for a couples weekend, the Catania’s hilarious family dinner, Dolores’ dislike for Jackie, and how Marge/Jen are handling the situation at hand. They also get into Jackie’s continued bravery to share her journey with disordered eating, allowing cameras into an appointment at a facility. Summer House ~46:00 Another weekend in The Hamptons calls for a bondage party (where we get to see Ciara and Carl make out - hot.) Emma and Isabel debrief more about Kyle and Amanda’s relationship and growing tensions. RHOC ~56:00 A few minutes on OC include their obsession with Heather arriving with edibles in a Baccarat glass / “microdosing,” Jen’s continued marital struggles, and mounting frustration with Noella’s behavior.RHOSLC ~1:02:00This crazy rollercoaster season of Salt Like has finally come to a close, with not much resolution and a whole lotta conflict. They get into where (they think) the women stand now, Lisa’s final party, Mary/Jennie, and how Jen Shah deflected storylines about her legal issues.Shop our merch: Codes:Sakara: for 20% offPeloton: onepeloton.comSolo Stove: code CBC

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