Ep 178: Will & Jada, Election 2020, Kacey Musgraves, Brad & Angie, TikTok's Greatest Romance, The Manzo Family, A...

Ep 178: Will & Jada, Election 2020, Kacey Musgraves, Brad & Angie, TikTok's Greatest Romance, The Manzo Family, A RHONY Debrief, Scott & Sofia, & More

Comments by Celebs - July 6, 2020 - 1:25:17

There is just so much to get into this week. Emma and Julie start by briefly discussing Kanye's latest antics: his statement that he plans to run for president in the upcoming election. To make it abundantly clear: they could not disagree with this more, and actually find it infuriating. They break down the latest rumors with Will and Jada, and why Jada's alleged affair with August Alsina made headlines this week. They then get into some relationship updates, with the announcement of Kacey Musgraves' divorce, Brad Pitt spotted leaving Angelina Jolie's house, and the exciting news that Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw are engaged. And, of course, the TikTok romance that broke the internet: Tati and Devin (@TheReal_Tati & @DevinCaherly) finally meeting in person. In absolutely heartbreaking news, Broadway star Nick Cordero has passed away from complications due to COVID. We are sending all of our love to Nick's wife, Amanda Kloots, and their son Elvis. Our entire hearts are with them and his whole family.Isabel joins for a Bravo debrief, which includes the wild scandal between Dina Manzo, her ex-husband Tommy, and her new husband David. They break down the timeline, and read Caroline's response to the events. RHONY is back, and Emma and Isabel dive deep into the hectic season. Kardashian recap includes continued rumors of Khloé and Tristan back together, Khloé's tweets, Kim's new red hair, Scott and Sofia potentially getting back together, and Kendall + Kylie clothing responding to claims of not paying their workers overseas.Simplify the voting process: Text CBC to 26797Highlighted Black-Owned Business:@JaneDottieVintagehttps://url.emailprotection.link/?baFQXsxnXnUIk2V03jYbaa6iK-8eHR2hT6mMcpYUqrvZEOgF5vQoQqw_lAkvlAo_fb8c6M28RRAf4Vppaane30Q~~Justice for Elijah McClain:https://url.emailprotection.link/?bCXJYgAhHWcQ2HH-CFzFZCamNNKGeMYW9wHXlHHt86G7WPFyCxVme8egMwRpdMf-0W5fA0SsFJWk6mqnvrMlWr-wjfez5O36Fq09f30hnWqfEsgpTj_it7pNbbV9xICf-Support Elijah McClain’s family:https://url.emailprotection.link/?bLHhzajVP4Qpdb8O1ru7NYbCR14R0imn09GQBEp5Vmh9mZzlRvY-d9ctvbpgsdbW5rslJ__exnxTbdqYBfRUsfVeC6bYTQp-RiPredhlMpwZSrwTbdI4Cf98vhzR7Q3yKJustice for Breonna Taylor:https://url.emailprotection.link/?bJoMkgTymqcTLusKni6l8lIvuJeoJcV_N-EakRPSxUFVilN7_mP1XVUkyT_PvfxRlxHhVRX0tRaun4_88QxJKFA~~Support Amanda Kloots & Elvis Cordero:https://url.emailprotection.link/?bQ2EhAlXtABVdM7uVXWyxQQWGok_zuaJ9YisYgfM5BlKEHiVKEQxHVSvKQiglZJckwkJDStA6kWaPa-i53Yn6OoDH_cSfsbEawKur0yL4KWyY9OzPQZhxQIyrMxkOXBAx

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