Building Black Dollars

The Stock Market and Closing the Wealth Gap with Dr. Boyce Watkins

The Stock Market and Closing the Wealth Gap with Dr. Boyce Watkins

Building Black Dollars - March 23, 2022 - 10:47

Today, we talk with host Dr. Boyce Watkins about the stock market.Investing in the stock market is one of the key strategies to build wealth in America. But so few Black households are participating. While the wealth gap is rooted in economic racism, the less we invest, the more it widens. On this episode, we talk about what it is, easy tips on how to begin investing, and the importance of stocks for the Black community.Building Black Dollars is produced by PushBlack, the nation's largest non-profit Black media company - hit us up at and share this with your people! PushBlack exists because we saw we had to take this into our own hands. You make PushBlack happen with your contributions at Most people do 5 or 10 bucks a month, but everything makes a difference. Thanks for supporting the work.Our production team includes: Tareq Alani, Brooke Brown, Patrick Sanders, and Tasha Taylor. Producing the podcast we have Cee Smith and Ivana Tucker, who also edits the show with support from Joanna Samuels. Building Black Dollar’s executive producer is Julian Walker.Visit for more information. All products are 15% off when you use code 15OFFALLBBD.

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It’s no secret that the economic system is rigged against us as Black people. Barriers such as the racial wealth gap and banking discrimination continue to plague our communities. Still, economic freedom is within our reach. And it begins with you.Building Black Dollars empowers our people to take charge of personal finances and improve financial literacy. We address the daily issues Black folks face financially and offer practical actions to take right now to solve these everyday problems, and ultimately build Black economic liberation.