Bonus Interview with Randy Frakes (Pt. 2)

Bonus Interview with Randy Frakes (Pt. 2)

Blockbuster - July 24, 2020 - 49:44

Bonus Interview. BLOCKBUSTER series creator Matt Schrader asks friend Randy Frakes about James Cameron's frustrations filming Aliens, their discovery of the Fairlight Synthesizer for sound effects (or was it music?), and speaking with James' father Philip about his son's career.This award-winning 10-part original miniseries stars Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead, Avengers: Endgame) as up-and-coming writer-director James Cameron, and tells the story of how he fought through decades of personal struggles and career setbacks to assemble the most expensive and grueling movie production of all-time, Titanic, that nearly sank two film studios.If you enjoyed BLOCKBUSTER, please consider a small donation to help the creators continue making this series at and receive bonus perks, and your name in the credits! Facebook: series creator @MattSchrader on Twitter🏆 BLOCKBUSTER is now an award-winning podcast! Winner of Adweek's Creative Podcast of the Year, two NYF Radio Awards, and Webby Awards Honoree for Best Miniseries.Thanks in advance for sharing BLOCKBUSTER with a friend!

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