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The Power of Repair - How the Simple Act of Apologizing to Your Kids Can Transform Your Family’s Home and Generations to Come

The Power of Repair - How the Simple Act of Apologizing to Your Kids Can Transform Your Family’s Home and Generations to Come

After Bedtime with Big Little Feelings - September 20, 2023 - 41:07

On this powerful episode, Child Therapist Deena Margolin and Parent Coach Kristin Gallant offer a profound healing moment to parents everywhere: if you messed up, if you yelled: it’s not too late, you didn’t f*ck this whole thing up, you aren’t a horrible monster: you’re HUMAN, just like the rest of us. This episode will be the warm hug of “I’ve been there, you’re not alone” that you’ve been waiting for, PLUS: An exact framework of what makes a good repair moment Common phrases to STOP saying when you apologize after messing up Why repairing doesn’t come naturally to us (spoiler alert: it’s not YOU, it’s your childhood) The powerful love chemical in the brain that gets released (for both parties) when you apologize The most IMPORTANT part of repair most people miss: ways to take care of YOU after you’ve messed up and why it’s the crucial piece of the repair puzzle Why easy going kids do not equal better kids Theme Song Composer: Liz Fohl

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Real talk? Modern parenting is a doozy. There’s never been more pressure to be perfect with social media readily at our fingertips - mixed with total isolation and no help. Where the f*ck is that village everyone talks about? Consider After Bedtime your village. Led by Kristin and Deena - founders of the largest online parenting community, Big Little Feelings - After Bedtime is the place you can go at the end of a long hard day to find your “enough”-ness. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll maybe pee our pants a little as we unpack things we’re ALL experiencing but too ashamed to talk about: imperfect marriages, miscarriages, managing toddler mania, apologizing to our kids and everything in between. You’ll leave with actionable, realistic tips to make this whole parenting thing smoother - small changes, big impact. In an age where parents need more *real* connection than ever, let’s talk honestly about the hard - and remind ourselves we are not alone, we are not failing. In fact, we’re f*cking crushing it.